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Basic Outsourcing for Home-Based Businesses

Basic Outsourcing for Home-Based Businesses

Did you know that outsourcing can save you time and money – even if you’re operating a home-based company? For a long time, people view outsourcing as a policy for big corporations.  Yet, in reality, even small companies can leverage and benefit from this shrewd tactic.

Tasks in your business


How Can Outsourcing Help Your business?

Outsourcing can free you from doing menial tasks. You can outsource a lot of your simple tasks both in-person and online.

For instance, figure out this; maybe every week you are supposed to go through forums looking for prospects. Finding out people that are raising queries and responding to those questions. As a result, you give them the services that they are looking for.  The entire process may take 5 to 6 hours.

Tasks in your business


In those five to six hours, only a single hour is spent on answering the questions. The rest hours are spent selecting questions, differentiating the junk together with identifying the right people in the market that you’re targeting

But those few hours are important on your time because they mean business. Owing in mind you can easily outsource those tasks. For a few bucks per hour. By letting someone do the easy tasks. Eventually, you will be free to do more important tasks in your business.


Getting Started To Save Time and Money.

Begin by putting up a value on your time. For example, your billable hours might be worth $100 an hour. As a result, you will have to do a lot of work so that you can earn that amount. View it this way; when you are doing menial tasks you’re not earning your amount rightfully.

So, when you decide to outsource you will be saving an hour of your time for less than $30 or $40 an hour. Consequently, the profit will be entering in your pocket. Thus, having this magic numbers in mind, decide whether you want to outsource or not?

Therefore, write down the lists of the things that you can outsource. Starting from income-generating tasks to domestic tasks such as laundry, cooking etc.


Finding Outsourcing Agents

After compiling the list of jobs that you’re willing to leverage, now set the budget. Then start looking for the right persons to handle those tasks.

For digital tasks, head over to fiver and Upwork. Create a task that fits your need. You can decide to pay either hourly or per project.

Tasks in your business

For in-person tasks, use tools like Craigslist to locate people who’re willing to do it. Or ask a referral from friends and colleagues. In the developed countries the average payment for menial tasks is $10 and $25 per hour.



The above guide will help you to get started on the path to outsourcing. With time, you’ll want to outsource virtually all the non-essential tasks in your business. Consequently, this initiative will allow you to free up a lot of time and focus your energy on growing your business.

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