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Organisations. As social units of people that are structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals, organisations are an indispensable aspect of human life. This is true of government, citizens and businesses.

Not surprisingly, organisations affect and are in turn affected by their environment. When they deliver organisations are a testament to what people can achieve by working together.

Although individuals can accomplish a lot by working alone, they can accomplish a lot more when they associate with others and jointly work towards a common purpose.

However, organisations can also be ineffective, get in the way of common progress, discourage innovation and be downright dysfunctional.

Value Proposition

We assure clients of high quality and professional services, responsive to their needs, value-for money, and delivered with the highest level of skill and expertise in the market. We are committed to continuous service improvement.

Our ethos is wired into our name Lucid Options Consulting Limited. 

We are Lucid because we are driven by clarity not technical mumbo-jumbo.

Options underpin our practice. We see the world in which our clients seek solutions not as a black and white binary but a kaleidoscope in which we guide the recipients of our services to make the most optimal choices for solving organisational problems.

Our Consulting practice places the client at the center of the service: If the client is not satisfied, though this will likely be rare, we will swiftly make amends.


Our approach to developing, executing and evaluating strategy is tailored to support the long-term organisational thinking, discipline and analysis necessary to succeed in a fast changing modern setting. 

Capacity Development

Regarding capacity development, our practice stretches across the entire spectrum of interventions necessary to develop core competencies. 


We strongly believe that leadership and organisational success are inextricably tied. We strive to support the entire suite of requirements that is necessary for organisations to effectively balance the interests of their many stakeholders.  

Sustainability Management

This is a challenge for many organizations in today’s demanding environment. Our multi disciplinary team has what it takes to assist any organisation determine a pathway for long term survival and the support necessary to achieve it.

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